AMAC proud sponsor of award-winning aircraft developer ADDI

The Aachen Drone Development Initiative Team of RWTH Aachen proudly won the Design, Build and Fly Award against nearly 100 other candidates. The Aircraft withstood tests in charging weight, payload, speed and maneuverability and won in 1 min and 19 seconds against all concurrents. AMAC proudly continues sponsoring this great Initiative and future developments. Great Job, Congratulations and see you soon again!


Chinese Delegation JITRI @ ITA Aachen

On April 24, the delegation of the JITRI, the „Chinese equivalent to the Fraunhofer“ organization  and Chinese NICE (National Innovation Center par Excellence) visited ITA and AMAC in Aachen. JITRI was very much impressed by ITA's cutting-edge R&D in advanced materials and the facilities and equipment available. "We are excited to explore opportunities for a collaboration with ITA, particularly in the areas of fiber production, fiber-coating, PE based carbon fiber, high-speed prepreg filament winding. Our team is looking forward to brainstorming and exchanging ideas with ITA to identify potential joint research projects, sharing resources, and jointly participating in academic and industry events. We believe that NICE/JITRI and ITA can work together to further advance the field of materials and bring about positive changes to the industry." JITRI would also like to explore the possibility of organizing joint training programs or workshops that leverage the strengths of both organizations.



Chinese delegation Changzhou @ ITA Aachen

We were very happy to welcome the Chinese delegation Changzhou at the ITA in Aachen on April 18th. The delegation gave a presentation as well as companies Fibrecoat and Textechno. This was followed by a guided tour of the ITA and discussions about possible future cooperations in innovative composite technology. We are looking forward to exploring options. Further information about the Changzhou National Hi-Tech District Carbon Fiber and Composite Industry can be found here.


Inno Day "Building & Infrastructure" and "Mobility"

We are very glad to invite you to the ITA Innovation day on May 9th (10 am to 15.45 pm) about „Building and Infrastructure“ and „Mobility". The Agenda can be found here. Please confirm your participation in contacting Mona Ziegler:


ITA Inno day "Composite testing & Sensor Integration" and "Automation"

We are very glad to invite you to the first ITA Innovation day in 2023 on March 14th (10 am to 15.45 pm) about „Composite Testing and Sensor Integration“ and „Automation in Composites". The Agenda can be found here. We will have like last year, 6 innovation days throughout the year 2023 focusing on key trends and topics in the global Composites Industry. You are very welcome to join the 1st event physically in Aachen or to participate online via Zoom. Please be so kind as to confirm your participation in contacting Mona Ziegler: