10/2/2014: Cato Composite Innovations and AMAC GmbH announce their strategic partnership for sales and marketing activities worldwide in order to further expand Cato´s business in the segments Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Protection and Consumer products as well as Sporting Goods.  Dr. Michael Effing (AMAC) will be driving strategic sales and marketing for Cato focusing on specific key accounts in the various industries.

Mr. Joost van Lindert, CEO of Cato: „We are delighted about this cooperation in order to strengthen and further extend our activities. We believe that Michael Effing, whose network and long-term experience in the composites industry are without comparison, will be an excellent bridge between our technology capacities and the end-customers.  Together with Michael Effing, we now have a very strong team, fully dedicated to our global expansion“.

Dr. Michael Effing: „Cato´s technology is the result of 20 years of constant development and improvement.  And the cornerstone for today´s cooperation lies in the 1990´s : Mr. van Lindert and myself were pioneers at DuPont in the development of the TEPEX® business. Today, Cato´s technology in forming and manufacturing is the result of what we started together at that time. This cooperation is for me the continuation of a trustful and inspiring long-term relationship and I am very proud to support Cato in their further growth. “