AMAC GmbH is happy to announce its exclusive representation of FITS Technology and strategic partnership with SMTC

In this framework, Dynatech®, a revolutionary weight reducing thermoplastic sandwich panel system for aircraft and high-speed train interiors, was officially launched during a common press conference on March 12th 2014 in Paris. Please read the presentation frontend/media/files/jec-press-conference_final.pdf

This close partnership between all 3 parties involved, from the inventor (FITS) over the business developer (AMAC) to the production and marketing (SMTC) is a good example of a fast and efficient business case, from the invention over the market access to the production technology. Thus, it stands for AMAC´s core competences – create synergies and new market opportunities.

Dynatech®, which functions in an all-in-one system and is ready to be formed, was developed specifically for the use in applications that require light weight in combination with high performance such as damage tolerance and superior fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) values, while generating new design opportunities which lead ultimately to more space for the passengers. It can provide a total system cost reduction of up to 20-30% , beside  the weight reduction of 20-40%.

Mr. de Groot CEO of FITS Technology and inventor of the process says: “I am very proud that thanks to AMAC, who handled the trade with SMTC, Dynatech® will now go for mass production and my life work will be achieved.”

Michael Effing, Founder and CEO of AMAC GmbH, explains: „It is a big pleasure for me to drive innovation and this is an excellent achievement for the development of the overall thermoplastics trend in the industry.  Dynatech® panels, with their feature of being suitable for automated mass-production, will certainly contribute to the further market growth of highwage-countries in Europe, like Germany and France."