Partership for Composites

Katcon is a Mexican-based, family-owned, globally present and established Automotive supplier, specialized in the development, design, testing and manufacturing of complete exhaust systems for Gas and Diesel, light and heavy duty, on and off road, engine and power industries. Katcon started its activity in 1993 and has now production facilities in more than 15 countries all over the world. In 2013, Katcon´s revenue was $350 (USD) million. Katcon´s manufacturing model is based on installing capacity modules, integrating Modular Manufacturing, Modular Capacity, Just In Time (Zero WIP), Total Quality Systems, Flexible Labour, Horizontal Organisational Structure and Outsourcing Systems, to service typical OEM assembly plants. As a Manufacturer of catalytic converters, diesel after-treatment devices and exhaust modules and systems with state of the art processes, Katcon excells in quality and reliability. Together with its partner AMAC, Katcon now invests in Composites, enlargens their strategic positioning and gain market share in this attractive and future oriented industry.