Excellence in Sales, Marketing & Business Development

Thanks to Dr. Michael Effings longterm global experience in diverse functions and organizations, AMAC disposes of an exceptional network of top-level contacts throughout the entire value chain in the composites and advanced materials industry: from the raw material manufacturers, over the equipment producers, Tier 1 and 2, incl. moulders, as well as research institutes and universities to the OEMs in various application sectors (Automotive, Aerospace, Wind Energy, Building & Infrastructure, Offshore, Marine, Transportation, etc.).

AMAC´s advisory and consultancy services include:

Sales, Marketing and Business Development 

AMAC undertakes and manages your extensive business development as well as specific and general sales support. AMAC supports your networking and introduces you to the right business partner in research or industry. AMAC advises for your profitable growth and expansion strategies or for strategic cooperations in the field of composites and advanced materials. For companies aiming to penetrate a specific geographical region (Europe, US, Asia) or end-market, AMAC delivers business development services as well as sales support.


- A specialty resin producer aims to penetrate the European market and engaged AMAC in order to establish the company and grow their production in these geographical regions.

- A Mexico-based Tier 1 and a global press manufacturer aim to diversify their activities into the booming composites market and asked AMAC for strategic and operational advise, including the establishment of their industrial network, cooperations or customer research.

Business development Additive manufacturing

AMAC has enlarged its business development and offers advise and consultancy in Additive Manufacturing.


Marketing plans for new products, systems or services

AMAC supports you in the establishment of individual and tailor-made marketing plans for your new products, systems or services.


- A manufacturer of precision testing equipment established, with the advise of AMAC, their new business unit for offering testing services and determined the launch and roll-out of this information to the market, including media and customer announcements.

Development and implementation of new sales strategies and new sales and distribution channels

AMAC supports you in developping and implementing sales and marketing strategies with various options for adressing large global customers as well as other distribution channels.


- AMAC´s long-term cooperation with the world´s biggest glassfiber producer and their Marketing partner in Europe, where AMAC has developed new sales and marketing strategies specifically for global accounts in the thermoplastics market.

Cooperations with the USA, China and India

AMAC has excellent cooperation networks to various trade associations and business partners in other regions such as China, Japan, India, Korea and USA in order to support your local, regional and global needs.


 - cooperations with ACMA and CAMX in the USA through Dr. Michael Effings role as Chairman of Composites Germany and AVK

- Chinaplas trade show

- Japan External Trade Association Jetro in Japan

Mergers & Acquisitions

AMAC guides and advises you, together with its partners, throughout the entire M&A process in your research for a potential buyer or seller. Thanks to Dr. Michael Effings long-term experience in this field, AMAC offers you content-related support, technical, innovation and business recommandations. AMAC brings deep market understanding, as well as the ability to evaluate the market and identify suitable partners or investors.


- AMAC brought together Katcon and Magna

- Dr. Michael Effing actively lead the transition oft he Ciba textile effects business to Huntsman and the transition of the Owens Corning  glass faser/yarns business to AGY.

Restructuring (Cost saving measures, increase of efficiency, e.g.)

AMAC, in cooperation with its partnering large consultancy firms, offers you professional expertise and support when you aim to restructure or streamline your business. This includes detailed analyses, recommandations on new investment and technology opportunities, as well as new structures. AMAC disposes of significant industry insights to be able to guide you through this strategically important procedure. Deep knowledge of the sales and marketing channels in the composites industry and the ability to judge on the innovation potential complete AMAC´s qualification to  support you in gaining efficiency and profitability.


- Dr. Michael Effing lead important restructing processes in his positions at DSM and Huntsman

Marketing and Communications

AMAC develops and implements the comprehensive package of your marketing and communication needs.  Combining Dr. Michael Effing´s industry insights with Mona Bielmeier´s long-term Sales, Marketing and Communication experience in various functions and organizations in the composites industry (JEC, Menzolit, SMC-BMC Alliance, DSM, AZL), AMAC provides you with professional advice and implementation of your communications strategy. This service includes the development of your company´s image, perception and positioning, development of all communication material including preparation of all kinds of texts like brochures, flyer, website, flyer, presentations, etc. in a target group specific manner, media relations, press releases, press conferences (excellent media network in the composites industry), product launch communication, as well as selection, advisory and organization of all kinds of events - including conferences, trade shows, tailor-made customer events etc.

AMAC regularly develops and implements these items for all its customers, including HELM, AZL, Katcon, Cato, SMTC, Textechno, Gremolith and various anonymous.

Sales and Marketing Excellence (Training)

Sales & Business Development is an important pillar of any corporate strategy.