Innovation and Industry Project Management

AMAC advises single companies or groups of partnering firms in the execution of complex projects related to Composites and Advanced Materials. The advisory scope ranges from Sales & Marketing activities, value selling, development of strategies or new product developments up to the management of complex innovation projects. 

This includes the following services:

Development and implementation of new business strategies

AMAC supports companies which are active in other industrial fields in diversifying and expanding their businesses towards composites and advanced materials (market entry strategy).

Examples: AMAC supports a Mexico-based Tier 1 to establish their new business unit in the field of Advanced Materials. AMAC introduces the newcomer into the composites market and positions them as a committed and reliable business partner. AMAC supports a a global press manufacturer to enter this new market in Europe and the USA. 

Development, execution and commercialization of innovation projects

The know-how provider AMAC develops innovative projects with you and carries them to market readiness, incl. new products, technologies, applications and markets. We conduct innovative ideas to market introduction, using our broad network of contacts in the industry as well as deep technological understanding.

Examples: AMAC supports a technology based SME with know-how & patents in thermoplastics sandwich systems in the idea of bringing a specific sandwich system to large-scale production for the use in the aircraft interior, teaming up with a manufacturer of aircraft and high-speed train interior made with aluminum and composites. AMAC established the business partnership between a Tier 1 and an engineering and design specialis for their entry to the advanced materials industry and a cooperation with another Tier 1 for the mass-production of automotive body parts in Europe and the Americas. 

Technology cooperation with universities and research centers

AMAC establishes cooperations between industrial companies along the entire value chain of the Composites and Advanced Materials sector and universities or research centers in order to help generate the maximum of added value for its customers regarding the latest technological developments and their commercialization. Thus, AMAC brings your innovative projects to technical readiness.

Examples: AMAC supports universities and institutes in establishing their industrial partner network. AMAC helps individual firms or instututes to find partners for their joint projects or to set up public funded projects.

Research and development projects

AMAC carries out your research and development projects from the initial concept to prototyping of the industrial realization (TRL: Technical Readiness Levels).

Examples: AMAC supported an association for innovation and technology transfer active in the field of cross border projects providing growth support in conjuction with partnering companies in a neighbour country to set up various joint projects in the field of Avanced Materials in the EUREGIO (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium). With its deep technological knowledge and visionary ideas of implementation and synergies, AMAC brings your ideas to market and introduces you to the right partnering companies or research institutes.