These are typical examples of cooperations, partnerships and projects that AMAC undertakes. AMAC´s services vary from support in the establishment of new university institutes and networks (ex. AZL) to the market introduction of new products (ex. HELM/Jushi) over the execution of technical projects (ex. SMTC in thermoplastic composites aircraft interiors) to business development support for the introduction of new technologies and materials (ex. Cato) and the introduction to new business segments for OEMs and Tier 1s of the Automotive or Aerospace Industry (ex. Katcon).

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Furthermore, AMAC participates in various government-funded research projects with various partners along the value chain of composites (European funding: Horizon 2020, German or even regional or cross-border funded projects like Interreg).


AMAC advises the AZL to bring the industry shoulder to shoulder tot he research in lightweight technology. more Information ⟶

AMAC advises HELM for the growth strategy and business development for large global accounts in the glass fiber industry. more Information ⟶

AMAC supports scaling up innovative technology to series production. more Information ⟶

AMAC contributes tot he business development for new sales or new development projects in various market sectors like automotive and aircraft. more Information ⟶

AMAC manages the business development of this truly metal manufacturer into a complete new sector – the composites industry. more Information ⟶

AMAC facilitates the matchmaking and business development in cross-border projects for advanced materials in the EUREGIO.

AMAC delivers detailed market analyses and business development support.

AMAC advises Textechno for their business development and innovative strategies. more Information ⟶

AMAC supports Gremolith in their business development and new growth strategies for specialty resins.

AMAC supports Oplysis for the business development of the costing software. more Information ⟶

AMAC supports MaruHachi in their European business development and growth strategies for thermoplastic composites. more Information ⟶

AMAC carries out this EU-funded Automotive lightweight cross-border project on the German side. more Information ⟶

plus various partners