AMAC advises HELM AG to service Jushi ́s European Key Accounts in Thermoplastics

In a press release of November 28th, 2012, JUSHI, HELM AG and AMAC GmbH announce the appointment of Michael Effing (AMAC) to advise, promote and further develop the introduction and distribution of Jushi Group ́s thermoplastic glass fiber business to the European market. The cooperation is focused on following territories: Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Benelux. Michael Effing, will thus act as advisor and share his expertise in the complete thermoplastic product portfolio (Chopped Strands and LFT roving).
Ekkehard Kloevekorn, Senior Executive of the HELM Fiberglass business, comments: „We are very enthusiastic about the further growth of Jushi ́s business in Europe. In order to give first priority to the development of the business of our partner company, we are happy to appoint Michael Effing as our exclusive advisor and associate for our key customers. Thus, we want to assure the establishment and care of sustainable and profitable relationships." He continues: „I am looking forward to a long and successful relationship with Michael Effing in this function as well as a further strengthening of the HELM/Jushi relationship which began more than 10 years ago”.
Mr. Zhang, CEO & President of Jushi adds: „We believe that AMAC will considerably bring our expansion to Europe forward due to Michael Effing's long-term industrial know-how and understanding as well as his broad knowledge of the composite market. Especially his experience with the Chinese and European market, with the different cultures, technologies and approaches will be beneficial for all sides."
Michael Effing, CEO of AMAC: „This cooperation, I believe, will bring high quality technology and service for the innovative product and application developments of our customers." He adds: "I am very happy to contribute to the cooperation of HELM and Jushi in this new business setting: HELM as one of the largest chemical distribution companies with excellent services and proven reliability and Jushi as one of the largest Glass Fiber Producers bringing excellent material, research and development."

On November 27th 2013, in the framework of Jushi’s commitment as a long-term and reliable supplier for Europe, a new Fiberglass plant in Suez/Egypt has been lighted up, from where the delivery of Fiberglass products to Europe will take place. By 2017/18, the total capacity of the Egyptian site is planned to reach up to 200,000 tons p.a. This plant serves as strategic facility to intensify Jushi’s distribution business in Europe, as well as Middle East and India.
In the Egyptian plant, Jushi will produce the full range of traditional products, but with a strong focus especially on the growing thermoplastics market in Europe. New chopped strands for PA, PBT and PP polymers and LFT rovings will round up the portfolio and are offered to the demanding European market.
Kirstin Kettler, Head of the Fiberglass business at HELM AG, comments: "We are delighted to provide the full technical and commercial service in the proven way for our customers, which will also be served from the Egyptian plant as of early 2014."
Michael Effing, Senior Advisor to HELM AG and CEO of AMAC explains: "I am very pleased to see that Jushi is coming closer to our customers in Europe and specifically with the focus on the thermoplastic materials such as chopped strands and LFT. The market for thermoplastic reinforced materials is growing significantly driven by the European automotive industry. Jushi is committed to supply top quality products to both thermoplastic and thermoset applications."