Composites Germany: Standardization Portal Composites goes online

The website provides detailed information on the newly launched "Standardization Portal Composites". This portal is produced in cooperation with the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and provides information on national, European and international standards for fibre reinforced plastics that have been published or are under development. This new and unique source of information for the composites market supports the existing standardisation work conducted by Composites Germany. 

Dr. Michael Effing, Chairman of the Board of Composites Germany, also presented the strategic orientation developed by the trade association, which was founded in 2013. "Germany is the leading supplier for lightweight construction using composite materials across many industries," says Effing summarising the organisation's vision and emphasising the key objectives of its mission: building a strong, national representative body for the composites industry in Germany, promoting innovation and new technologies, developing new markets and value added chains and extending apprenticeships and professional development programmes.